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  • Storytelling – Part 3
    In my previous posts in this series, I covered my interest in using storytelling for teaching and learning, briefly explored what storytelling actually is, and presented my list of guidelines for what I believe a great story must have. In this post, I’m going to further explore the power of storytelling and attempt to simplifyContinue reading “Storytelling – Part 3”
  • Storytelling – Part 2
    In my first post in this series, I briefly explored the neuroscience behind storytelling and shared why I think we should be using storytelling for teaching and learning. In this second post, I continue to explore exactly what storytelling is and share my guidelines around what a great story must have, as I believe theseContinue reading “Storytelling – Part 2”
  • Storytelling – Part 1
    Someone asked me recently where I seek inspiration for my e-Learning designs from. My answer was ‘everywhere’. It’s true! With my ‘Design Ideas’ and ‘WIP’ folders on my hard drive chocked full of stuff I can’t wait to get to, I often wish there were more hours in the day for me to see thisContinue reading “Storytelling – Part 1”