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why e-learning?

E-Learning is increasingly being used to support organisational induction processes, procedures and requirements, identify employee literacy and numeracy issues that need addressing and improve inter-organisational collaboration. Additionally, e-Learning allows for quality and consistency within a training program that is not achievable through traditional delivery.

As an experienced e-Learning specialist and former corporate trainer, I’ve developed expertise in four areas that will help you with the implementation of a successful e-Learning program.

instructional design

Instructional design involves taking the information and expertise of a subject matter expert and delivering it to the learner. Through education and practical experience, I have the ability to analyse situations, understand problems and determine solutions. My course designs help learners make sense of new information by pulling content together, setting the direction and utilising resources to achieve meaningful and measurable results.

visual design

Visual design encompasses the look and feel of the design and involves crafting graphic elements that are not only visually engaging, but bring concepts to life. By crafting and introducing a style guide when working with clients I’m able to make up-front design decisions, save valuable production time, create a professional look in keeping with the organisation’s visual style and provide a reference for future course design.

Multimedia production and authoring

Multimedia is the presentation of information using text, graphics, animation, audio and video and has the potential to provide a better experience than any other information medium. By utilising the rich features of the latest easy to use rapid authoring tools capable of handling diverse media elements, I’m able to design, develop and deliver quality, cost-effective, interactive mobile device compatible e-Learning in just a few weeks, or even less.

Project management

In addition to having all of the traditional elements that come with an instructional design venture, to be successful, instructional design initiatives also need to include aspects of project management.

The expertise I have that is crucial to a successful project includes understanding the learning challenges, identifying key stakeholders at an early stage, defining the desired outcomes for the project in detail and getting formal sign-off on these, initiating regular stakeholder communication and identifying and frequently revisiting potential risks to the project.

I invite you to visit The Knowledge Project to find out more about how I can help you with your e-Learning program, or contact me using the form below.


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