Windows 8 Laptop – Template

Click on the image to view the demo

The Concept

This design was developed as part of the e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #31 Creative Resume Templates for e-Learning Portfolios.   The challenge was to “design an interactive resume showcasing your e-Learning work”.

I used the design concept of the Windows 8 interface and continued the theme through to the various screens as if you are viewing this portfolio on a laptop.  I developed this template before I decided to use WordPress for my e-Portfolio and Online Resume, but I think the design could be used for instructional material other than what I originally designed it for.

The Process

I developed the template in PowerPoint because I really wanted to use the animation and sound effect of typing on each letter of the heading text.  I then imported the PowerPoint template into Articulate Storyline, but realised that Storyline couldn’t replicate the text animation and typing sound effect which was a little disappointing.  I think the template works equally well using either tool.

I used Slide Masters for the basic screen layouts as this makes it easier to keep the design and slides consistent.  I haven’t included navigation instructions, relying on the recognisable “house” icon on the top right of each page for navigation back to the home screen and the strategic placement of arrow icons to assist with navigating back to a themed starting point.

The Design

I started with “shapes” on the the PowerPoint template home screen, saved these out as pictures, then added them back – this way you can easily replace the shapes with whatever image you like using the “Change Picture” feature.  This retains the size and shape of the current image, then you just add your links to the images for navigation to other slides and screens.

You could go one step further and add animations to the home screen images, but I’ve kept it nice and simple.


You can also download the Articulate Storyline and PowerPoint templates.

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