Video and Media Players

Click on the image to view the demo

The Concept

I had been looking for an effective way to present a portfolio of e-Learning course design work to prospective clients and came up with this design.  The intention is that I will add to this portfolio section with additional screen designs capturing and conveying the remaining information from my static CV and career history.

This design fits nicely into the e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #112 – Video and Media Players in e-Learning that challenged participants to share an interaction for presenting videos in e-Learning courses.

The Design and the Process

I wanted to incorporate animation with interactivity and had a few design techniques up my sleeve that I wanted to use in is demo.

I came across an article by Kevin Barrett Kane titled Why You Should Give a CRAP About Design and decided to use his opening line as a quote to introduce this interactive and very visual portfolio.  Thanks Kevin!

The animated white line was a combination of design features I had been working on, waiting to use in the right project.  To create this effect I simply added a “wipe” animation with the appropriate direction to each of the individual lines and worked with the timeline to create the appearance of the line being drawn, with the arrow at the end point to visually convey how to navigate to the next screen.

The blurred effect on the background image was achieved using “Artistic Effects” in PowerPoint.  I created the iPad image directly in Articulate Storyline 2 by inserting a rectangle shape with rounded corners, then adding an outline of a lighter colour.  I added each of the items in the list (which are just text boxes) to a button set so that only one item could be selected at a time, and gave these list items a hover state.

The slide displaying the list of items and the iPad that I’ve used as a display screen for the videos was created on one slide, with triggers added to show the relevant layer which displays the video inside the iPad image when the item is selected.

The Result

Overall, even though the design techniques I’ve used in this project are not particularly advanced, I think the visuals and animation make for an engaging result.  I can see many other uses for the wipe effect for animated drawing in Articulate Storyline and the use of a design feature such as an iPad to display videos and/or images could be easily incorporated into any e-Learning course design.

The advantage of presenting information to the learner using a visual player that still requires interactivity is that they can be accessing a lot of content from the one screen.  Any design that avoids overuse of the next button, in my view, is a good design!

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