Using Soundboards in e-Learning Courses

I created this fun demo to highlight the effective way you can use audio files and button sets in Articulate Storyline, but the concept also fits well into the Articulate e-Learning Heroes challenge of the week #88 Interactive Audio: Using Soundboards in e-Learning Courses which was to create an interactive soundboard.

The Design

The original design for this demo was developed using the standard “buttons” in Articulate Storyline 2. The challenge was to demonstrate how you can set up a slide to allow a learner to play several files of audio narration from the one slide using button sets.

While I was sourcing audio files to demonstrate this concept, I came across some free sound effects and thought it might be fun to use some of these – readily available from a number of sources, including the Youtube Audio Library.

So, I started the design with the audio sounds effects, then built the demo on one slide, added each of the images to a button set, then added triggers to layers for each sound effect.

The Result

A relatively basic concept displayed in an engaging format – with a range of applications that could be adapted to all types of e-Learning course development.

The additional challenge was to share real-world examples of how you would incorporate this concept into a real course.  I’m in the process of designing a game based on this soundboard which will look something like the GIF below.  You can view progress on this design by clicking on the image below.

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