Using Online Tools for Image Editing

There are some truly amazing online tools you can use to design and create images.  Here are some of my favourite ones, with some ideas I’ve been exploring and links to the tools.

Jigsaw puzzle effect

Create any photo into a realistic looking jigsaw puzzle using Big Huge Labs Jigsaw.


Picture to People also have a Jigsaw Puzzle Photo Effect Generator which makes your images look like this…


Pop Art Poster

Create a false-colour version of a photo in the style of Andy Warhol’s famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe.  Different versions of the photo are available using shuffle.  Here’s the link.


Photo Editing

Use the Picture to people Easy Online Photo Editor for photo effects.


Use Big Huge Labs FX to render your photos as a painting or sketch, convert to sepia or black and white.


Create these interesting and useful effects using Big Huge Labs – Framer.


Transform you photos into lego photo effects using the Lego Toy Photo Effect Generator from Picture to People


Create this cracked effect with the Cracked Effect Photo Editor from Picture to People.



Big Huge Labs – Calendar allows you to create monthly calendars from your photographs.


Page Curl Effect

Create a customisable page curl effect from any image using Picture to People Page Curl Effect Photo Editor.


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