Drag-and-Drop to Reveal

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This demo was designed around the theme of Christmas using Articulate Storyline 2, but as it incorporates drag-and-drop interactivity to “reveal” information, I’ve added it to the e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #21 – Beyond the Basic Drag-and-Drop Interaction.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build a drag-and-drop interaction based on one of three examples – drag-and-drop to reveal, drag-and-drop to complete, or drag-and-drop to trigger a response.

The Concept

My design for this demo was based on the concept of using drag-and-drop to reveal information.  I didn’t begin this design thinking that I would use drag-and-drop interactivity, but once I experimented with the concept, I thought it would be an interesting way to engage the audience.  I found the lyrics to the song on the All Down Under website, which “celebrates the things that make Australia unique” and this set the scene for the design.

The Design and Process

In putting together this demo, I first sourced the images to go with the lyrics.  Pixabay has an extensive range of good quality photos, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit, so I used Pixlr to add effects such as vintage colouring, texture effects and border effects.

I searched for Christmas fonts and found some that I thought worked well with the theme (Henny Penny and Harrington), without going too overboard.  I also added some other fonts, such as Seaside Resort NF, Fanzine and Ben’s Handwriting.

To set the scene for Christmas in Australia, I chose the beach background, then decided to continue the demo with the Christmas tree outside on decking, reflecting how much time we spend outdoors in Australia.

Early on in the design I settled on using numbered baubles to represent the navigation to the 12 different slides. It then made perfect sense to simulate the “real world activity” of decorating a Christmas tree using these elements to reveal the 12 screens displaying the visuals and lyrics to the song.

The finishing touches were added with just enough animation to make the demo interesting.  Disappointingly, Articulate Storyline does not have the functionality to add background music to play continuously throughout the whole demo, particularly when you incorporate animation and layers, so I spent a lot of time in the Audio Editor of Storyline chopping up the audio into sections for each slide and synchronising the text and image animations to match the music.

Watch out for the surprise elements of the Christmas presents appearing as you progressively decorate the Christmas tree!

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