Team Induction

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The Concept

This e-Learning template is an example of a simple but effective way to introduce a new employee to their team.  I have kept this example quite basic, but there is obviously a lot more you could do with an online induction module such as this.

My inspiration for this project was the Rapid e-Learning blog – “How to Create an Interactive PowerPoint E-Learning Module“, although I ended up using Articulate Storyline to develop this.

The Design and the Process

Working with an overlaid semi-transparent colour mat and cropped photo image effects to focus the learner on one team member’s information at a time, I also used triggers and animations to facilitate navigation and make the module more engaging.

The Result

There were a number of valuable lessons that came out of this project.  One was how effective it can be to use the Master Slide to store as much of the static content as possible as this saves time when you need to re-edit.  Another was the importance of labelling everything, particularly images and objects, so that when you are working with these you know exactly what each objects does based on how you titled it, particularly if you put the project down and come back to it later.

Revisiting this project – 18 months later

I recently came across this article on Interactive Scenarios: Snapshot Focus Effect on the Articulate E-Learning Heroes community website via Twitter – thanks David Anderson!

I decided to revamp the set-up of this project, developed 18 months ago and I found it really interesting to revisit this and see how I originally put this together.  The design is basically the same, but here are some things I have done differently:

  • I originally set this up using separate slides instead of layers – I’m really not sure why!  I’ve now changed this to have one slide with 5 layers
  • I added a close (cross) image to each layer which when clicked returns the learner to the base slide – a much more obvious navigation than expecting the learner to realise they should be clicking on the background image to select the next team member
  • Rather than customising the feedback master on the layers, I just added the semi-transparent colour mat to each layer behind the other objects and “locked” this image in the timeline (something I like to do with static background images sometimes instead of adding them as a background image to the slide)

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