elearning intraction example
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This post is not about the design or development of this demo, although it is somewhat related to the content.

I’ve been designing and developing e-learning for quite a few years now. I consider myself a life-long learner and have always been motivated to learn new things and improve on what I know and contribute in the areas of my expertise.

I believe that change is core to being human, and when we change, we change the world around us in ways we don’t always realise.

I’ve been reading lately on how we have the opportunity to improve the human condition through storytelling and this inspires me to create and innovate.

What does this mean?!

Well, after years of developing e-Learning for clients that mostly follows a somewhat traditional pattern based on communicating learning objectives and key takeaways, with a heap of information dumped in the middle there somewhere, it’s time to think about taking e-Learning to the next level.

Enjoy the demo above, and stay tuned for the next chapter…

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Making e-Learning a better experience

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