Speech Bubbles

Sourcing appropriately-styled speech bubble images for e-Learning projects can be a time-consuming exercise. Here’s a couple of ways you can take control of this situation and design and create your own.

Use PowerPoint Shapes

Using PowerPoint shapes and the Format > Merge Shapes > Union functionality, the Format Shape options and a bit of imagination, you can create any number of different styles of speech bubbles, including all of the ones below.

If you need a bit of help, click on the image below to visit my Freebies page where you can download my PowerPoint file which has all the elements and instructions you’ll need to get started.


Use Free Fonts to create vector graphics

All of these speech bubbles were created from the “Alin Speech Bubbles” font from Font River.


Inspiration for this project came from the Articulate e-Learning Heroes community weekly challenge #165 – Custom e-Learning Graphics using Free Font Icons.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the font, display the font in PowerPoint. This is what all “letters” of the Alin Speech Bubbles font look like:


Next, choose the font image you want to work with – you’ll need to make the font size quite large (200 +).  The next step is really important…

You’ll need to turn the font into a vector graphic using the method described on the weekly challenge post here – basically you select the font and another shape, then choose Format > Merge shapes > Fragment. As mentioned in the challenge post, you’ll need at least PowerPoint 2013 to do this, as previous versions don’t have the “fragment” option.

Once you have your vector graphic, you can then work with the different parts of the vector image to customise the speech bubbles to suit your project.

Can’t wait to get started on this? As part of the #53freebies challenge for week 13 I’ve made available a PowerPoint file for free download that has some vector graphics to get you started.

Here’s the download link.  Enjoy!

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