Shapes and Images

Here’s an interesting technique I came across to use in PowerPoint with images.

The Process

The process is very simple.

Firstly, insert your chosen shapes onto a PowerPoint slide. Then group the shapes. Then fill the group with your chosen picture file.


Things to watch out for and/or experiment with during this process include:

  • Make sure your group of shapes has a similar dimension to your image, otherwise the image will become distorted
  • Be careful to select the group of shapes when filling with a picture (if you have the background selected you will fill the background with the picture, not the shapes)
  • If you don’t want the outline that comes by default when you insert a shape into PowerPoint, remove this, or replace it with a colour of your choice to match your image
  • Work with the background to apply a colour that will complement the image
  • Use some of the other formatting options in PowerPoint such as shadows and bevels to achieve different effects.

The Result

Click on the image below to download the PowerPoint file with these examples.


3 thoughts on “Shapes and Images

  1. Hi Dianne,
    I really like this way of cutting up an image. Who knew that Powerpint could do this. However, when I try to do this, I find that if I have six shapes the photo is just copied 6 times, instead of being cut into 6 pieces. What am I missing?


    1. Hey Liz – yes, isn’t this great! Did you group your shapes first, then select the group before filling this with the image? If you don’t group them, you will get your chosen image x6, rather than then cut into 6 pieces.


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