Poster design

This poster was developed as part of the E-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #25 Instructional Design Tips.

I usually get totally caught up in looking at the amazing array of resource offerings for these challenges and don’t get around to actually finishing the development of something to contribute.  This time I have been very disciplined and only spent a small amount of time researching and learning, hence I have developed a poster and here it is!

The Concept

The challenge was to “design a poster around your favorite education or instructional design quote”.

The thought process behind this poster was firstly to source a quote that meant something to me and one that I could easily reflect the true meaning of in a visual sense.

So, “teaching” – I associated with blackboards and “learning” with books, hence the graphic of this blackboard background with an image of a stack of books in front of it.

The Method

I developed this poster in PowerPoint.  The book image originally had another background which I removed using the “Remove Background” feature of PowerPoint – something I use a lot when I’m developing and designing.

The choice of font was based on a search for free “blackboard” fonts.  Without spending too much time looking for the perfect font, I chose this “DK Crayon Crumble” one.

I generally group my PowerPoint slide objects and text together and “Save as a Picture” – which creates a .png file, but for this one I used the Snipping Tool in Windows to select the image section of the screen and then saved the snip – which also creates a .png file.

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