Notecard Interactions

Click on the image to view the demo

The Articulate e-Learning Heroes challenge #149 Notecard Interactions in e-Learning introduced Notecard Interactions as “a simple click-and-reveal activity that lets learners explore virtually any type of content in a freeform way by clicking notes on the slide”.

The Design

In this demo I chose to work with a very basic desktop theme and a notecard image, but bent the rules slightly and made the clickable element envelopes that appear to open to reveal the tip number and the tip on the notecard inside the envelopes.

I also included links to resources/job aids in this demo to demonstrate how effective it can be to leverage off existing information when designing an interactive activity like this one.


The Development

This design was built on one slide with multiple layers. I wanted the design to have the envelopes initially fly in from the bottom on the base layer, then as each envelope was clicked, the envelope would open and the tip number card would appear to rise to the top of the envelope. I guess this would also work using motions paths, but for this demo I chose to use animations.

To achieve this, I split the envelope image into separate parts, slotting the card with the tip number in between these envelope parts. This was done on a separate layer for each tip. I needed to add a couple of cover images of the desktop texture on these layers to cover the card fly in animation so it didn’t appear as if the card was flying in from the bottom of the screen, but rather from inside the envelope.

Free Download

Feel free to download this Storyline 2 file to further explore how this design has come together.

Here’s the link to the font I used in this demo:

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