Interactive Videos

Click on the image to view the demo
Click on the image to view the demo

I designed and developed these interactive videos in Articulate Storyline 2, with inspiration from the Articulate e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #129 –  Choose Your Own e-Learning Topic.

The Challenge

The challenge was to “choose any e-Learning, instructional design, multimedia or industry-based topic” – with one catch…the entry must be original – that is, we were challenged to come up with our own challenge idea.  With so many weekly challenge topics already posted, this was a challenge in itself!

The Process

As I’ve recently been working on incorporating videos into online learning, I decided to spend some time taking this one step further with the challenge topic “Using Interactive Videos in e-Learning”. The development process to achieve interactivity using videos is actually not that complicated and I had a lot of fun designing and developing these demos.

The Design

The first challenge was to find a video clip that was suitable to work with to produce a demo that would be both engaging and instructive for this purpose. Once I’d sourced the clip, the development was straight-forward.

The only technical development step I would point out is that by default, when you include videos in Articulate Storyline, you are able to click on the video itself to stop and start it.  With an interactive demo such as this one, I didn’t want that to be possible, so I added a rectangle shape over the top of the video and made this 99% transparent (you could also add a hotspot to achieve the same result). The interactivity then becomes solely with the markers or clickable objects that sit on top of the transparent shape, inserted at various points along the timeline.

For each marker or clickable object on the Base Layer, I set a trigger to show a corresponding slide layer of information when the marker is clicked.  I then set the Base Layer properties for each of these slide layers to “Pause timeline of base layer”, added a “Continue” button and assigned a trigger to the button to hide the slide layer when the button was clicked.  The Base Layer is then revealed and the video resumes playing at the exact point it was at when the learner clicked the marker or object.

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