Interactive Video Quizzes

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This demo was inspired by the Articulate e-Learning Heroes challenge #157 Interactive Video Quizzes for e-Learning, a video clip I came across on border collies on the Coverr website, and of course my dog, Max.

The Design

Simple enough, in the beginning.  But then I added a few extra elements to round off the design to completion.  These included a number variable to count how many quiz questions the user has answered correctly, a link to more information on one of the questions, and an intro and conclusion screen to add that extra dimension to the final demo.

As I wanted to use just the one slide for this design, I chose to use radio buttons and my own “submit” button, rather than the standard quiz slides in Storyline 2. This works well – it just means you need to add a few more triggers to make this work as far as a functioning correct/incorrect quiz question goes.

The Process

This entire quiz was built on one slide in Articulate Storyline 2.

I inserted the video file on the base layer – then I added a trigger to show the instructions layer as soon as the demo starts.

Each layer has the option “pause timeline of base layer” ticked, but I also needed to add triggers to each cue point to pause the video media with corresponding triggers to play the media again. These triggers were based on a true/false variable for each question – so once the question layer had been visited, this variable changed to “true” and triggered the media to play again.

Initially I had the question prompts appearing on the base layer, but ended up moving these to the question layers and adding triggers to show each question layer when the timelines reached the cue points, with the trigger to show the “pass” layer based on the number variable for the count being “greater than or equal to 3”.

So pretty much all action happens on the layers, apart from the count and the replay button.

The count is a number variable, with triggers on each question layer set to add a score of 1 to this variable if the user chooses and submits the correct answer to the question.

The replay button is initially “hidden” and triggered to change to “normal” when the video media completes if the number variable for the count is less than 3. The trigger on this button is to “restart course when the user clicks”.

The Result

This video clip is only very short, but I think it works well to showcase how you can use a video clip to engage users in the course content.

I like to design around a theme, so using the paw print and bone shapes in the design was in line with this – and of course, adding the anthropomorphic character (my dog, Max) was also a design choice that I think works well.

As well as the visuals, I think the inclusion of audio sound files for the correct answers and the final slide add to the learner engagement.

I hope you enjoy this demo and are inspired to create your own interactive video quizzes!

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