Interactive Office Activities

Click on the image to view the demo

The Challenge and the Concept

The inspiration for this demo was the Articulate e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #168 – Interactive Office Activities Using Top View Perspective. The challenge was to “create a template or interaction using the overhead or top view perspective”.

The Design

I started this challenge by searching for “top view” images of offices and people and looking at designs developed by others.

I’ve previously designed some top view desktop interactions, but this time I wanted to come up with something a little different. I couldn’t resist incorporating into my design a mixture of some of the different types of images I came across while I was researching this concept, even though the combinations are not truly real-to-life!


The Result

Whilst not a complete template, I think this demo gives an overview of what is possible using the top view perspective.

Elements of the design that I feel add to the learner engagement include using a consistent type of image throughout, using consistent elements, and displaying visual signs of progress throughout the course, such as an indication of which options have been selected and viewed. Whilst I’m against locking down navigation too much in general, incorporating interactivity that means the learner needs to visit parts of each screen to complete a challenge and unlock the navigation can be effective and also engaging if it’s designed with purpose.

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