Inspired Minimalist Templates

Windows 10 Inspired Template

Click on the image to view the demo

This template design is far from my usual style – but was inspired by Windows 10.  We all love Windows (don’t we?!), especially the “blue screen of death”.  I’ve seen this one a few times…

Last week I set in motion an update to Windows 10 and on restart I was presented with a series of very calming blue screen messages, letting me know that they were working in the background to finish the update and that I was going to be really happy with the result.  Unlike the previous operating systems blue screen messages, I find the Windows 10 ones quite calming and reassuring.  I sat mesmerised by the update messages, which took quite a few minutes to run through.

This experience was the inspiration for this minimalistic design for an online training template.  I think the blue colour definitely adds to the calming effect – as per my SlideShare on “The Colours of e-Learning”(adapted from the article “The Colors of eLearning” by Brother Andrew, eLearning Brothers) – blue “encourages serenity, lowers the pulse and invokes stability, and can be used to calm learners when presenting complicated and overwhelming information”.

This template follows a completely linear path from start to finish, with intuitive navigation and personalisation to the learner with the enter your name login screen.  The minimalistic approach means there are no images, apart from the smiley face and the navigation icons, with the focus being on the content.

One technical complication I did run into during the design was an issue with the fonts not appearing correctly when I used a text variable for the learner’s login name.  The workaround (thanks to Articulate Storyline Support) was not to use my “Theme Fonts” when formatting the text for the variable reference, but to change the font formatting to something other than my Theme Fonts – the font I ended up using was Nexa Light.


I chose to add reasonably longish fade in animations for the text content to maintain the serene feel of the course, and kept the timing between these message consistent.  On publishing, I chose to set the browser settings to “Resize browser to fill screen” and “Scale player to fill browser window”.  There’s not really much else to say about this template and the design process I followed!

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