How I design an e-Learning Course

Updated demo

Click on the image to view the demo

I’m putting together this interactive demo on the process I use to design and develop an e-Learning course, based on the content on my website – The Knowledge Project, with inspiration from the Articulate e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #82.


When I designed my website I really liked the visual effect of using icons to represent the different elements on the page and when I started working on this demo I chose to create the effect of a book by using the image of the open pages of a book on a background that was a blurred image from my website.



I started with these images for the Analyse, Design, Develop and Deliver elements and cropped them to an oval shape in PowerPoint.



I chose the fonts “Eras Light ITC” and “Raleway” and used fly-in animations, with fade-in animations for the paragraph content.

Here’s what the pages look like so far:

Picture37 Picture36

The last thing I’m looking at adding is background music.  This is not particularly straight-forward to achieve in Articulate Storyline 2, but I’ve found a discussion thread that has this information here.


You can view the demo as it is at the moment (click on the image below).

Same, but different

On re-branding earlier this year, the design has changed, again – but the content outlining my process remains pretty much the same. Click on the image at the top of the post to view the updated demo.

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