Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction


Click on the image above to view this demo

Have you ever developed a course and at the end of the development process, wondered what the course would look like in a completely different design?

I took the opportunity to do just this and to showcase my flexibility as far as course design goes, by re-designing my original Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction.

For this re-design I wanted to challenge myself to develop a completely different design to my usual (or what I call my “default”) style – which is lots of real-to-life photographic images, tonal colours, shadows and usually, although not always, standard navigation design (as in using the Next and Previous buttons).

So, with a starting point of a plain white background for this re-design, I then chose bright-coloured images which not only clearly reflected the content topic, but made the final product engaging and relatable to the learner.

The best way to illustrate this is by showing the direct comparisons of the contrasting slide images below.

The core elements of slide design for this particular demo included:

  • the course and/or slide title
  • the navigation
  • the content
  • supporting imagery

So, you can see how, by including each of these elements on the slide, the slide design, even though it looked completely different, had the same functionality and provided the learner with the same information and/or learning experience.









So, what did I learn from this?

This was an interesting exercise for me in re-design and the most important lesson from this exercise was that it is essential that you design with your target audience in mind. Obviously if you were designing for the corporate environment, this re-design would not be suitable.

The risk of designing a course without considering who your target audience is, is that the audience may not be as engaged with the learning as they should be, or need to be and statistically, the more engaged the learner is with the course, the higher the retention of information will be.

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