Flat Design Desktop and Office Theme Course Starter

Course starters are multi-slide templates that provide a structure to the design, layout and flow of your e-Learning course. They generally include a combination of the most common e-Learning content slides and are a great starting point for you to begin assembling your project.

As well as a title, introduction, objectives, content slides and course summary, I’ve included some interaction slides in these designs, with inspiration from the e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #234 Using Desktop and Office Theme Designs in e-Learning.

Design 1

Click on the image to view the interactive demo

Design 2

I was inspired to create this second course starter demo after I wasn’t totally happy with the first one. I often do this – finish a design and then think of a different way to set out the design elements in the template.

storyline templates course starter flat design office theme
Click on the image to view the interactive demo

Flat design, although I admire it a lot, has not been my strength to date, but I think these turned out OK and are definitely a starting point for future development projects on a suitable topic.

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