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This interactive drag-and-drop demo was originally part of my E-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #44 Virtual Tours in Online Training interactive demo submission – A Virtual Tour of the Australian Outback.

The Concept

Each of the three drag-and-drop activities are simulated virtual preparation for an Outback tour of Australia, created in line with the “virtual tour” concept of learners experiencing remote locations through online interactive demos.

The Design and the Process

Created using Articulate Storyline 2, engaging imagery was a priority in this design.  I wanted the learner to be totally engaged in the moment, so making the virtual environment as real as the actual tour was important in the design process.  Allowing the learner to make choices and face the consequences of their choices through feedback adds to the level of engagement – after all, who wouldn’t want to know what would happen if they chose to take a gnome on tour with them?!


I created each of the drag-and-drop activities on separate slides, with layers for the feedback on each item the learner chooses to drag and drop onto the target.

The Result

I had a lot of fun creating the drag-and-drop simulations of choosing a vehicle, packing supplies and fuelling the vehicle in preparation for the tour, including developing feedback based on the choices learners made.


I think the scenario is real-to-life and engaging and the navigation through each drag-and-drop activity is intuitive, with just enough instruction to help the learner progress.

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