Drag and Drop Activity

Click on the image to view the demo

I designed and developed this e-Learning course as part of the Master e-Learning Course I completed in 2013.

The Process

I firstly chose a topic and sourced a reference which provided enough content to make the course informative and engaging.  I then created a storyboard in PowerPoint and started working on the design concept.  Once I was happy with the concept, I imported the slides into Articulate Storyline.

The Design

The functionality of Articulate Storyline is extensive and I used this opportunity to trial, learn about and incorporate as much of this functionality as I could whilst also incorporating instructional design and adult learning theories.

Throughout the course I sent learners off to view external resources to enhance their learning and asked them to contribute to a discussion forum on a case study.  There was also a Q&A assessment at the end of the course on which learners needed to score a minimum of 80% to pass.

The Result

The elements I think worked well were the drag and drop interactive activities, case studies and random “thinking points” where the learner is prompted to respond to a question based on the information in the preceding slides.

The final look and feel of the course was quite different by the end of the development as some of the ideas I had originally thought would be effective did not work out in practice. Choosing the final colour scheme was influenced by factors I had not fully considered prior to working on this design, such as designing for inclusiveness.

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