Designing Pushpins

Forget spending hours searching for the perfect pushpin image for your e-Learning projects, especially if you’re after a non-standard colour such as purple (which I recently was!).

In less than an hour I designed and created this whole set of pushpins in PowerPoint – which you can download for free here.

Here’s a really brief overview of how I did this.

The Process

For the standard-type pushpin, I started with a basic circle shape, then formatted this shape using the 3-D Format and 3-D Rotation options.


For this particular pushpin design I chose the Round Bevel for both the top and bottom of the 3-D shape.

The Material and Lighting options are pretty important when you get to the part where you choose the colour for your pushpin. I chose the Plastic option from Material and the Freezing option from Lighting for this red one – but some of the other colours, such as the white and black turned out best with different options applied.

The Result

Once you’ve grouped these shapes and applied your colour – this is what you get:


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