Branching Scenarios

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This design was inspired by the Articulate e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #99 – How Are You Using Branching Scenarios in e-Learning?

The actual scenario was based on the Scenario #3 in the article “What to Do in a Child Care Emergency: 3 Scenarios and Solutions”.


The Challenge

The challenge was “to share one or more branching scenario examples – your entry can be as  simple or complex as you like”.

The Design

I always start my design by looking through the resources provided for the challenge.  Scenarios are a highly effective way to engage learners and present real-life situations, but take a bit more planning and focus than other types of designs.  Some of the resources that I found useful included “7 Tips for Better e-Learning Scenarios”, “How to Create a Visual Design for Your e-Learning Scdenario” and “How to Build better Interactive Scenarios for e-Learning” by Tom Kuhlmann.  Additionally, I came across these resources that I also found very useful for this challenge:

The Fraud Protection course caught my eye as far as design goes.  Incorporating the course navigation into the text and highlighting this navigation by bolding the relevant text was simple and appealing for this design.

The design allows for the learner to navigate the course by choosing options, although they end up back at the one screen after each option choice takes them to the relevant feedback for that choice.  In this situation, I chose to use visual indicators of their progress by adding the green ticks and red crosses to this screen – eventually leaving them with the final choice and consequence of needing to ring the missing child’s parents to let them know what had happened.

The Result

Scenarios are all about three things – “challenge”, “choice” and “consequence”.  I like to avoid using the previous and next button in my designs and designing a branching scenario really lends itself to this concept.  I think the final design is clean and uncluttered and gives the learner relevant feedback based on their choices.

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