Blackboard Design

Storyline Templates blackboard design template
Click on the image to view the interactive demo

Often the most simple designs are the ones that make the most sense. I’ve wanted to develop a blackboard themed template for a long time.

The demo above an example developed out with content using one of my Storyline Templates that has just been released.

This may look like a simple setup – but there is work that goes on in the background to make all of this happen. Storyline 360 has some pretty cool features that you can use to make your e-Learning more engaging. I use animations quite a bit, and I love the “swivel” animation because you can make a shape or image swivel so that it looks like a card.

The original template looked a little different to this design, but in taking the template and developing it out, I wanted to show how easy it is, if you have a little design sense, to change the look of a slide somewhat, which ultimately means that an interactive slide design such as this one, or a complete set of slide designs such as a course starter, can be used as a starting point to develop a wide range of different designs to suit any topic or theme.

Click on the image above to view the interactive demo.

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