The ADDIE Model

Click on the image to view the demo

ADDIE remains the most popular model used by instructional designers and training developers. So, what should e-Learning designers know about the ADDIE Model?

The Challenge

The e-Learning Heroes weekly challenge #140 was to “design a short demo, quiz, or interaction to help course designers learn more about the ADDIE model”.

The Design

My design for this challenge did not start off looking like this – but after finding a source of inspiration that used character icons in this way, I decided to go with this and the design, including the colour theme, evolved from the character icons I had sourced.

The Process

This simple design uses tabs and button sets, with a slide layer for each of the steps in the ADDIE process. I utilised the Selected state on each tab to change the letters that make up the acronym to the name of the step in the process.

There’s not much else to this design – a few animations and a little extra interactivity on each layer after the character has appeared to access the information, and the design is finished!


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