7 Principles of Modern Instructional Design for eLearning

Click on the image to view the demo

The Concept

This Infographic originally created by Logic Earth Learning Services caught my eye as I thought it lent itself really well to using sliders in Articulate Storyline as a way to make the Infographic interactive.  The inspiration for this project was the Articulate e-Learning Heroes #12 Transform Infographics into Interactive Graphics.

The Design

I chose to copy the colour scheme and layout as closely as possible to the original design.

When it came to adding the interactivity as my design developed, I decided to use the numbered buttons as an alternative way for the learner to interact with this graphic as visually this made sense.  Each button has a trigger that shows the relevant information on a separate slide layer – the same layers that the slider triggers are set to show.


The Process

It took a bit of fiddling around to get the slider to look as I wanted it to after initially thinking this would be easy! The final design has the slider track hidden because I wasn’t happy with how the start of the slider track looked as the slider button was moved – I added a shape outline in place of the actual slider track so it looks like the original track would have looked.

The Result

The addition of animations and interactivity make this Infographic more engaging and allow the learner to explore for information in their own way.


This is the source of the original Infographic by Logic Earth Learning Services.

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