Instructional Design Task

The task

  • Choose a particular concert listed on a concert booking site
  • Put together information regarding how to purchase tickets to see that concert
  • How you choose to put this together is up to you
  • How you choose to present this information is at your discretion
  • The task should take no longer than 20 minutes


The design

I chose to present this information in an Infographic for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I considered the audience and the situation where they would be trying to follow my instructions as they’re booking their tickets.  This ruled out any type of interactive course and influenced my decision to present the information in a static format.  I wanted to communicate the process of booking the concert tickets in a numbered step-by-step format and I decided that an Infographic would add that element of visual appeal for this numbered format.  I also considered the 20-minute timeframe in choosing an Infographic format.

The development

I created the Infographic in PowerPoint, customising the slide size to allow for a narrow and long Infographic.  I chose the Ticketek concert booking site because I thought the process to book tickets on this site could be easily documented in the given timeframe.  I also thought I could use the colour scheme and design of the website elements in the Infographic without having to spend time creating my own colour scheme and design.

My focus during the development process was to make sure the instructions were easy to follow right through to the final step.  With limited time to achieve this, I focussed firstly on conveying what the Infographic was about using the title and an image from the Ticketek website.  I based the colour scheme on these two elements, setting out the number of steps and prominently displaying these numbers in a consistent format throughout the Infographic.  I detailed the transition from one step to the next using reproduced images of the exact elements from the website, eg the “Get Tickets” button as I felt this visual element would help the audience relate the Infographic instructions to what they would see on the Ticketek website.  Instead of including written instructions such as “click here”, I chose to use the arrows, but may have included more written instructions if more time had been allocated to this task.  Including the images of the elements of the Ticketek screen at each step was also a way to complete this task within the given timeframe.  If more time had been allocated I would have probably been a bit more creative with these images.

The final step in the process was to group the elements on the PowerPoint slide and use the “Save as Picture” feature to save the image as a picture.

Overall, I think the Infographic meets the requirements of the task by giving the audience easy to follow and visually appealing information on how to purchase tickets to Ed Sheeran’s concert on the Ticketek website.

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