Dianne Hope


Studied e-Learning design, development and delivery and truly desired to become competent in designing engaging instructional experiences.

Launched The Knowledge Project, my first venture into small business.

My vision is that e-Learning should be an enjoyable and memorable experience for all…

My mission is to ‘make e-Learning a better experience’.

Committed to developing my e-Learning freelance business full-time.

Realised there are a lot of people out there who don’t know the true value of e-Learning.

Realised there is a lot of not-so-good e-Learning being developed out there…

3+ years into full-time freelance e-Learning design and development.

Have worked with a wide range of clients in diverse locations on some interesting projects.

But to be honest, feeling like I need to raise the bar in this industry – a little, or maybe a lot…

Discovered the wonderful world of storytelling and started to explore the benefits of using this to engage and motivate an audience in the context of training.

Super-excited to have started working with a client on my first interactive story for training.

A tough year for a lot of industries, with a global pandemic.

But with literally masses of people forced to work from home, online training is booming.

With a successful first interactive story client project completed, continued to explore in more depth how to use storytelling for training…

This is the year for me to raise that bar and focus on crafting next-level e-Learning using interactive digital storytelling.


Some awesome examples of my work will be appearing here soon. In the meantime, read my posts on storytelling, or contact me using the form below.

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