Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction

The Challenge

This interactive course was developed using Articulate Storyline.

I had originally started developing this in Prezi and had all sorts of complex things happening, but when the e-Learning Heroes weekly e-Learning challenge #34 Instructional Design Learning Activities was posted, I took this opportunity to revisit this and, for now at least, have reverted to Storyline to create a submission for the weekly challenge.

Click on the image


My inspiration for this interaction was this Infographic by Nicole Legault.  Nicole’s blog post on how she created this Infographic can be found here.


The Design

I used PowerPoint to work with some of the images because I find the “remove background” feature invaluable for things like the chair images which were on a different background to the one I chose.  I also created the chalk board images in PowerPoint by grouping the board icon with the numbers created using a chalk board type font – Rayando, then saving these out as a picture before bringing them into the Storyline course as images.

One thing I have not tried before, but have appreciated in other examples I’ve looked at is adding sound effects to actions or objects in Articulate.  If there is no voice-over or background music, I think sound effects can really add to the overall effect of the course and in Storyline these can be easily added.  I found some great free sound effects site – FreeSFX and SoundBible.  I used animations to make the course a bit more engaging as it is quite short and basic – I try not to over-use animations as I find this can distract from the learning.

I built the course with just one slide, with layers for each of the 9 events, adding a trigger to “hide the layer” to return learners to the original slide so they can continue exploring each of the 9 events.  I also added a “visited” state to indicate which events they’d already looked at.

4 thoughts on “Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction

  1. Just curious — how did you build the chalkboards? And also, where did you find the classroom background?

    Great job!


    1. I used a chalkboard icon as the starting point for the chalkboards, so I didn’t build the actual chalkboards from scratch, but did add the numbers and words using a chalkboard font. I usually start my search for the perfect image with Google Images – I find this gives the biggest range of images as a starting point and by following through to the location of images I like I have a number of resources I use that offer either free or low cost images.

      By starting with Google Images I find I get ideas on what I’m looking to create and in this design combined the blackboard background image with a picture of a chair and added the books and apple to create the final background.

      If you search Google Images for “classroom background” I guarantee you will be inspired! I hope this answers your query – and thanks for viewing my demo!


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