Famous Failures

Click on the image to view the demo

The Concept

The e-Learning  Heroes weekly challenge #12: Transform Infographics into Interactive Graphics was to make the content of a static Infographic interactive and engaging.

This Infographic  was the inspiration for this project.

Famous Failures 2

The Design and The Process

Rather than change the design of this Infographic, I decided to keep the simple black and white appearance as I think it works well in the context of this information.

I initially created this interaction using iSpring (a PowerPoint add-in) and locked down navigation forcing the learner to progress through the six famous faces in a linear manner, but I’ve now changed the design to free navigation to any of the six faces on the introductory screen in any order the learner chooses.


Progress is indicated using True/False variables which trigger a state change for the relevant image.  When all six faces have been visited, the final statement is displayed using a trigger that changes the state from hidden to normal when all six True/False variables have changed from False to True.

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