My Visual Resume

Presentations are a powerful communication medium and I was inspired to create this visual resume after I came across some quite basic presentations on this theme when researching digital storytelling.


My motivation to create something a bit more involved and visually engaging led me to revisiting the Duarte website for inspiration.  Duarte have been developing visual stories for the world’s leading corporate brands for 20 years – and they have some amazing pieces in their portfolio.

I chose to use PowerPoint to create this presentation to take advantage of some of the amazing transitions and animations this tool offers that help with creating an engaging story to capture the attention of the audience from beginning to end.  The final presentation was produced by exporting the slides to a video format, which is very easy to do in PowerPoint.

(Click on the image below to view the presentation)


Some of the features and functionality of PowerPoint that I used include working with the images by removing the background, grouping and recolouring, adding shadow and reflection effects, adding entrance and exit animations to the images and text and adding transition effects between slides.

The development of this presentation has been an opportunity for me to experiment with and learn more about the capabilities of PowerPoint and will be a work in progress as I discover new ways to make the presentation more engaging.

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