The Power of Empathy

Brene Brown would have to be one of my all-time favourite TED talk speakers.  Her TED talk on “The Power of Vulnerability” inspired me to purchase her book of the same name, alongside her other best selling book, “Daring Greatly” – I find her messages  very powerful.

This animated RSA short is not only visually engaging, but sends a profound message about how there can be no empathy without vulnerability.

The land of opportunity

I recently came across a YouTube video based on the book A Peacock in the Land of Penguins written by B. J. Gallagher and Warren H. Schmidt which explores what it means to be “different” in a world that values conformity, stability, and tradition.  It’s a story about courage in creating a land of opportunity where diversity in an organisation can exist if there is acceptance and trust.

As someone who is creative, imaginative and full of energy and enthusiasm, I found the message to be quite profound.



Thank you to Ken Blanchard for sharing this video which I found truly inspirational.

Introverts and leadership

I loved the enthusiastic approach of the voice-over person in this video I came across on YouTube.  I found this very engaging, although if the video had been longer than the 5 minutes it is, this may have become a little annoying.

From a design perspective, I thought the dynamic content and mixture of visuals and text was well-balanced and the message effectively delivered.

If you are at all interested in personality types and strategies to work more effectively with others, you may well relate to this video as I did!

Digital Storytelling

Whilst looking for information and examples of digital storytelling, I came across this compellingly descriptive story told by a boy who struggled with learning difficulties.

I found this short digital story truly inspirational. The words he uses to tell his story really paint a vivid picture of his experience.  He talks about “wanting to be smart like the other students in class”.  I found myself totally engaged by his tone of voice and the way he described how he recognised that he was making progress, and the appropriately simple visuals add to the overall effect.

Collaborative communities

The WikiEducator is an evolving community of educators.  The website provides free e-Learning content that anyone can use.
Here is their strategy:

“WikiEducator aims to build a thriving and sustainable global community dedicated to the design, development and delivery of free content for learning in realisation of a free version of the education curriculum by 2015”.

I’m still trying to get my head around the enormous number of valuable resources and contributions on this site.  I’ve joined the community – just need to find time to contribute – here’s my profile:

This is an overview of what the site is about.  I highly recommend you visit this wiki site and become a contributor!


Storyboarding is something that I found very challenging when I first started developing e-Learning courses.  Then I came across this blog post by Nicole Legault which shows more than 15 examples of different storyboard formats.

Being someone who likes to be presented with a range of options before I make a decision, I found this blog post very helpful and was inspired to create my own storyboard template which I now use.

Visual arts inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration for web design and some free resources, check out Fuzzimo. This is a website about visual arts where you can also get lots of free stuff (14 pages worth last time I visited the site).  The website design is amazing and very inspiring.

What’s happening in e-Learning?

Where do you go to find out what’s happening in e-Learning? Do you rely on randomly coming across relevant web sites or blogs, or social media sites – Twitter, LinkedIn groups? There are a couple of web site that I’ve been aware of – e-Learning Tags (a social bookmarking site for e-Learning professionals) and e-Learning Feeds (which ranks and scores hundreds of e-Learning blogs). Then I came across this source – The Learning Rush which offers “real time news for the training community” and covers categories including m-Learning, e-Learning, Gamification and Instructional Design. It’s well worth a visit to this site, which also has an “influencer network” of industry experts.

Of course the place to go if you like to be part of an amazing community and use or want to know how to use Articulate, is the E-Learning Heroes website. There is a wealth of information here and the forums are a fantastic place to get answers and help others out. There are also free resources on this site and some great e-Learning examples. I regularly visit this website for e-Learning tips. There are some amazingly talented and dedicated contributors and this website is a must for anyone who uses Articulate.

Information revolution

I never get tired of watching this video – I find it totally engaging and get something new out of it every time I watch it.