About Me

Hello, and thanks for visiting my e-Portfolio!

This e-Portfolio is a digitised collection of artefacts that represent who I am and where I am in my professional career.  In a way I’m also using this e-Portfolio as a tool for knowledge management – a central place to come to reinforce and celebrate the consolidation of my knowledge.

As an e-Learning specialist, I’m passionate about understanding learning requirements and comfortable and competent in designing engaging instructional experiences in a variety of delivery formats with creative flair, passion for design and strong visual sense.

As I embrace the constant scientific and technological innovation and change which has had and will continue to have a profound effect on learning needs and styles, I see my e-Portfolio as an opportunity to showcase my ability to collect, organise, interpret and reflect on my learning and accomplishments, and how I put this into practice.

Dianne Hope
e-Learning Specialist
The Knowledge Project


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